PPG: Latest Minutes

Belmont Hill Surgery

Minutes of Meeting: 16 February 2024


  • PPG Members: Laurene Brooks, Penelope Caudell, John Caudell
  • TLCP: Jyothi Eregowda (Jo) - Operations Manager for Belmont Hill and Modern Hill Surgery

Welcome and Introductions

Jo welcomed everyone. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved without any amendments.

TLCP Updates

GP Assistant – new role within the Practice.

A GP (General Practitioner) assistant plays a crucial role in supporting the operations of a general practice clinic. As previously discussed in the last PPG meeting we are ready for GP assistant to start end of Feb 2024. We wish the team good luck.

  • PPG Member: Will I know who I will be seeing if it’s a GP Assistant or not?
    • Jo: Explained the role of the GP Assistant and said that yes if an appointent is being booked with the GPA, the patient will be informed at the time of booking by the receptionist.
  • PPG Member: Todays PPG meeting was not advertised on the Website, also when called the team was not aware of when the PPG was happening or where. 
    • Jo: I will look into this and ensure in the future all information is visible on website and the staff are trained on this information.
  • PPG Member: Surgery no longer feels it has personal touch, there is lack of continuity of care
    • Jo: Assured that the information on health care is all available on Emis for all Drs to see and treat them accordingly. We strive to ensure that we provide good health care to all of all patients.
  • PPG Member: Regarding Mr Caudell’s prescription
    • Jo: Assured that i will talk about it outside of this meeting
  • PPG Member: The website has lots of information that it is hard to navigate to the right information.
    • Jo: We try to have relevant information on website as patients use the website to search for many different things and it helps patients as they don’t have to stay on the phone call for some information which can be easily available on the website.
  • PPG Member: Noticed that when I called today I was quickly taken from 35 in waiting in queue to 5 in less than 10 mts
    • Jo: With the calls going to CN hub the call waiting times will gradually come down and we all are working best to achieve short waiting times.

Jo Explained the Following to the PPG Members:

Reception 2/2
BH is ready to go into care navigation hub at St Johns Surgery which means more call handlers who are trained to a high level of training who can rightly navigate the call giving patients the right information. 

Duty Dr Hub for TLCP
Duty Dr hub is created to meet the increasing needs of our patients, this means that the Doctors can effectively see more patient and address any query and the GP at the site level can deal with more pressing clinical matters.

Other news:
It is with sadness that we announce the departure of Dr Taj Singhrao.
Dr Taj has been with BH since 2023. She provided excellent patient care during her time with the practice, and we are very sad to lose her. She has been a fantastic team member and a very dedicated GP. 

We wish her all the best and thank her for all she has done for our patients. 

Jo explained that we are looking into quotes.

PPG Structure

Jo: Explained that we are all working towards TLCP wide PPG meeting, which will be  held every six months. PPG Members will from across all sites. All TLCP PPG groups can review and provide feedback on the proposed structure.


Improving BH Site Patient Forum Representation

Team Discussion – the following ideas have been proposed:

  • Promotion of the PPG via website 
  • PPG Open Day – to promote PPG and the Practice

Next Meeting

Proposed date of the next meeting: May 2024

Confirmation to follow.

Hillyfields Medical Centre

Minutes of Meeting: 27th February 2024

In attendance

  • PPG Members: BC, RS, AH
  • TLCP Representative:
    • Michael Uti - GP, Managing Partner
    • Jacqueline Henty (Chair today) - Practice Manager, HR, Comms, Complaints
    • Dr C Ferdinand - GP Partner
    • Gemma - HR, Comms, Complaints
    • Chanice - HR, Comms, Complaints
    • Isatu (Minute taker for today) - HR, Comms, Complaints  

Welcome introductions

JH welcomed all attendees and Practice staff introduced themselves. 


No apologies received.

Background on why this meeting has been requested

  • Patient Participation
  • Patient experience

Summary of statement of PPG Members

RS read out a statement on behalf of the PPG members regarding the breakdown in the relationship between the practice and the PPG members and mentioned some key areas for example not been asked date before scheduling PPG meeting, not forwarding the email of the current Managing Partner after a request via email, request to update the term of reference .

Jacqueline highlighted that an email was sent with proposed meeting dates, but the practice did not receive any feedback regarding alternative dates and the dates sent via email clearly stated proposed.

Dr M Uti commented on a point raised in the statement regarding a request for him to share his email address with one of the PPG members. Dr M Uti explained that he received an email requesting a meeting from JH, to which he replied with his available dates. It was noted that following Dr Uti response, there was no further communication from the PPG member.

Annual National GP Survey and Access 

The meeting commenced with a unanimous acknowledgement of the significant challenge patients are facing regarding access to healthcare services. The practice reaffirmed its commitment to addressing these issues, particularly amidst rising demand. In response to feedback and data collected, the practice is on the process of implementing various changes, including the introduction of new systems such as the AccuRx patient triaging system and new virtual telephone queuing system.

See the latest results from our GP Patient Survey

Key Points Discussed:

  • Result from annual Survey discussed. Patient access remains a significant concern.
  • Practice efforts to mitigate access issues.
  • Introduction of changes, including the AccuRx patient triaging system.
  • Despite access issues, overall patient experience remains above national average.

Breakdown in Relationship/ Communication Breakdown

The PPG members express dissatisfaction with the current state of their relationship with the practice. Dr M Uti addressed the PPG Members and offered apologies for past communication issues with the PPG members. Dr Uti acknowledged the importance of building a better relationship with the PPG members and committed to improving communication moving forward. It was agreed that communication with the PPG members would primarily be conducted via email. Recognising that it may not always be possible to reach them via phone, email communication provides a more reliable means of interaction.

Dr Uti emphasised the importance of leaving those issues behind and focusing on building a positive and constructive relationship moving forward. Dr Uti highlighted the significance of fostering a better relationship with the PPG members for the benefit of all patients.

He stressed that improved communication and collaboration with the PPG members would ultimately help in better healthcare outcomes and satisfaction for all patients.

Dr Uti mentioned that the TLCP is not perfect, however the organisation is trying it hardest to provide a better care for all our patients. 

Discussion on New Changes to TLCP 

Dr Ferdinand discussed some of the new changes coming to TLCP.

Among the changes discussed was the implementation of a new telephone system.

Dr Ferdinand elaborated on the new telephone system, which includes the implementation of a virtual queuing system. The virtual queuing system aims to streamline patient waiting times by allowing them to hold their place in the queue without physically waiting on the line.

Patients will receive a call back when it is their turn, reducing wait times and improving overall patient experience. 

Dr Ferdinand introduced a forthcoming change regarding the implementation of the AccuRx patient triaging system for same-day appointment requests. This system will require patients to complete an online form detailing their symptoms. Subsequently, a clinician will review the form and direct them to the appropriate department/clinician. Patients will receive notification regarding how their request will be handled, ensuring clarity and understanding that the assessment will prioritise clinical need while respecting their communication preferences.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Utilisation of an online form for patients to explain their symptoms.
  • Clinician review of forms to direct patients to the appropriate department.
  • Emphasis on prioritising patients based on clinical need.
  • Improvement in matching practice capacity with patient demand.
  • Clarification that patients can still walk in to request an appointment, with assistance provided by the reception team to complete the form.

Organisation structure 

Dr Ferdinand and Dr Uti provided an overview of the current TLCP structure within the practice. They also addressed Colin's resignation and informed the attendees that, following discussions among the partners, Dr Uti has been appointed as the managing partner, reflecting a strategic business decision.

RS enquired about the role of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) in assisting the practice in achieving its targets. In response, Dr Ferdinand emphasised that, given the current priorities of improving patient access and fostering stronger relationships with patients, the primary focus remains on these areas.

PPG Meeting Structure for TLCP

Each site will hold quarterly Patient Forum Meetings; the times and dates of the meetings will be displayed at the sites and on the TLCP website. The Site Patient Forum aims to represent all patients regardless of age, gender and ethnicity to provide an accountable method of input and feedback to and from each TLCP site. By doing this, the group endeavours to facilitate the smooth operation of TLCP sites and assist in the transition and implementation of future improvements and changes. 

Site Patient Forum roles:

  • Site PPG Forum Members (TLCP PPG Members)
  • Site Patient Lead
  • Site TLCP Lead 

Site Patient Forum Members will be asked to select two representatives to attend TLCP PPG-wide meetings, which will be held at a designated site twice a year. 

TLCP-wide PPG 

TLCP will hold two meetings yearly at a designated site for TLCP-wide PPG

TLCP-wide PPG Forum aims to represent all patients regardless of age, gender and ethnicity to provide an accountable method of input and feedback to and from each TLCP site to the TLCP-wide PPG Forum. By doing this, the group endeavours to facilitate the smooth operation of TLCP as one and assist in the transition and implementation of future improvements and changes throughout the organisation, all TLCP patients, and the local population. 

TLCP-wide PPG roles:

  • TLCP Chairperson
  • TLCP Site Representatives 
  • TLCP Representatives (TLCP Staff/ Site Leads)
  • TLCP PPG Organisational Lead

Any other business

BC raised a concern regarding the adequacy of the current meeting time to cover the agenda thoroughly. She suggested that the practice should consider either reducing the frequency of meetings or extending the duration to ensure all agenda items are adequately addressed.

Jacqueline presented a sample template poster designed for patients interested in joining the Patient Participation Group (PPG).


  • TLCP to gather feedback from all site PPG attendees on their preferences regarding meeting length and frequency.
  • BC to work on another version of Terms of reference, date TBC, with HR team at HF site. Partners to review once submitted and decision made, along with other PPG groups.
  • TLCP to set a date for the TLCP Wide PPG meeting.
  • RS to send statement from PPG Members. 
  • PPG Members to confirm proposed dates.

Dates of future meetings

The proposed dates are:

  • 27 February 2024
  • 28 May 2024
  • 27 August 2024
  • 26 November 2024

Honor Oak Group Practice

Minutes of Meeting: 12th August 2023

In attendance

  • PPG Members - OC, KW, EW, HR
  • TLCP HO Representative- VR(Manager),AO(Site Ops Supervisor), IJ(Ops Admin), WT(Receptionist),SK(Recepetionist).

Introductions were made for the benefit of new members.

VR opened the meeting and discussed the need to restart the PPG and the terms of reference should be circulated to members again. This was to fully understand the structure of what the Patient Participation Group is about.

Discussed the need for PPG members to create a structure and assign a chair.

Digital Front Door

Explained the role of digital front door – triage online via AI enforced by NHS. This allows allocating resources for patients and signpost them to the right consultants within 24 hours. We will have a digital inclusion hub, trained receptionists who will be able to triage effectively and teach/support patients who are not IT literate.

KM suggests to have tablets with several languages available for non-native English speakers. Hellen suggests to have cafes to train elderly in digitalisation.

KM informs us he works with dementia patients and end of life care, he explains how his organisation is promoting diversity and looking at how black people are treated within dementia/mental illness environments.

VR proceeds in sharing the footfall audit for TLCP and shares the documents across.

VR explains how the care navigation hub works and when it will go live, further explanation of TLCP structure and its hubs.

TLCP Vision and Terms of Reference

VR shares TLCP vision and terms of reference – what would excellence be? How to involve the community more?

Hellen suggests to remove mission statement and use the term vision instead.

OC asks re research/feedback – Is it independent or PPG working with the Practice?

Suggestion on the fundraising – help support the practice and get more involved in the processes, PPG members to volunteer to cooperate with the practice.

How to prove the PPG are actually representing their members?

VR(Manager) advise to have a specific PPG structure – chair/vice chair, email and request availability. Deadline on 13th September, next meeting can be arranged for 23rd.

O asks if it’s possible to get JDs for these roles and requests to shadow the most senior PPGs meetings in other practices once the chair has been established.

The meeting closed with members agreeing the 23rd September 2023