Morden Hill Meeting Minutes: March 2024 


  • TLCP: Jyothi Eregowda (Jo) (Operations Manager for Belmont Hill and Modern Hill Surgery), Paula Gordon (Supervisor MH)
  • PPG Members: CG, JC, MC

Welcome and Introductions

Jo welcomed everyone. 

  • Terms of engagement – provided to members 
  • Introductions – members introduced themselves. Paula and Jo gave a brief description of their role within TLCP. 

TLCP Updates

GP Assistant – new role. 

A GP (General Practitioner) assistant plays a crucial role in supporting the operations of a general practice clinic. 

Common roles and responsibilities of a GP assistant were provided and given to the members. 

PPG members questions what exactly a GPA can do.

  • It was explained that GPA’s can carry Simple medical procedures: Performing basic clinical tasks, such as taking blood pressure, measuring vital signs, and preparing patients for examinations.
  • Phlebotomy: Collecting blood samples for laboratory testing.
  • Dressing changes: Assisting with dressing changes for wounds or minor injuries

We also discussed the administrative support they will provide. 

New phone line system

We discussed some of the issues regarding the phone lines. TLCP are aware that some patients have reported the phone lines disconnect after waiting long periods to get  through. We are changing our phone line provider and hoping the new system will be more efficient. Phone calls will be recorded and give patients more options when calling.

Other news:

It is with sadness that we announce the departure of Dr Taj Singhrao, she provided excellent patient care during her time with the practice. Dr Singhrao has been a fantastic team member and a very dedicated GP. 


Introduction of the proposed TLCP PPG Structure

TLCP PPG will consist of Site Patient Forum Members and TLCP-wide PPG representatives, members drawn from the patient population at TLCP. 

TLCP Site Patient Forums - each site within TLCP will host a quarterly Patient Forum -  all groups will aim to establish and embed an effective relationship between TLCP sites and the patient population, objectively communicating patient experience, concerns, suggestions and comments. TLCP Site Patient Forums aim to represent all patients regardless of age, gender and ethnicity to provide accountable methods of input and feedback from each TLCP site. 
TLCP Site Patient Forum Members will be asked to select two representatives to attend TLCP PPG-wide meetings, which will be held every six months. TLCP PPG-wide meetings and members will contribute to TLCP-wide decisions and facilitate the smooth operation of TLCP as ONE practice.

TLCP PPG Open Day (Annual General Meeting) - TLCP aims to hold an annual Open Day for TLCP Site Patient Forums and TLCP PPG-wide members; the annual general meeting will also be open to all patients of TLCP. The purpose of the annual general meeting is to present the activities and achievements of the Group and promote TLCP Site Patient Forums.

There were no questions regarding the proposed structure, and the members were happy. All TLCP PPG groups can review and provide feedback on the proposed structure.

We are hoping that the feedback will be available in the next meeting.


TLCP Constitution

TLCP constitution was provided to all members and we agreed we would keep this on the agenda for the next meeting.



1. Data – Members felt it was essential that they have data to enable them to be able to identify the areas of concerns.

  • Friend and family feedback data
  • Average wait to see a GP 
  • DNA data
  • How many appointments we offer daily, how many calls for appointments, how many satisfactory calls and unsatisfactory calls.  

2. We need standing items on the agenda – It was explained going forward we would have standing items on the agenda. However as this is the first meeting since covid we wanted to take the opportunity to provide an update on what is currently happening in TLCP and discuss with the members what they would like to be on the agenda. 

3. Members requested to  be sent a reminder before meeting

4. We discussed ways to recruit new PPG members 

  • Promotion of the PPG via website – TLCP Communications Hub –  Already in place 
  • PPG Posters/leaflets – Already in place but we did agree to be mindful of poster placement. 
  • It was also suggested that a poster could possibly if agreed be placed in our local pharmacy. 
  • We discussed the possibility of a hybrid meeting for members that are unable to attend the surgery.

5. Care navigator training – It was explained that the care navigators have one of the hardest jobs within TLCP. They undergo training but it is a role that you are constantly reflecting and learning from. The potential new Duty Hub may provide additional support to the call centre as previously when tested it gave care navigators the opportunity to ask questions to the GP’s in the rooms when they had queries. This was a good learning opportunity. 

6. Pros and cons of the surgeries merging – The members expressed that prior to the merge they were informed of all the benefits the merge would provide but they feel that TLCP are yet to live up to that expectation. It was highlighted that due to the merge patients can benefit from the specialised clinics we provide – Joint injections, substance abuse and physio. Due to the merge we are able to offer a wide range of extended hours throughout the week including Saturdays. Due to the merge, you can also get appointments at other sites that can reduce the waiting time. We are aware there are areas that need improvement and we are trying to resolves these issues as we only want to provide the best service to our patients.

The members questioned – how do we measure if the merge is working?  

  • Lack of appointments – We spoke about the frustration patients face when they wait for long periods to be informed there are no appointments nor pre bookable appointments. It was explained that unfortunately there is a certain amount of routine appointment for the day. The example was given - within the 40 minutes a patient is waiting, a lot of calls are being answered and appointments given. Pre-bookable and online appointments are available but get booked up very quickly.  We are aware of this and trying to improve the system.  Each day we do provide emergency appointments. 
  • Patient’s wellbeing - Our patients and staff wellbeing is paramount to TLCP. We have many posters within the site promoting healthy eating, stop smoking support and we signpost patients to various different support groups. 
  • General – We discussed the reality of the pressures that primary care are currently under.  The workload the GPs/ workers face on a daily basis, admin - docman, labs, prescriptions, referrals, complaints, follow ups and etcetera.

One of member at the end of meeting said he has a wider appreciation of the surgery and happy to be on the panel. 

We feel the PPG input can contribute to the smooth running of the service we provide. 


Next Meeting: TBC 

Members did state it would be more helpful to have all the dates’ sets for the year and potentially different times to enable them the notice required to be able to attend. This is a reasonable / practical request but unfortunately there may never be a day/time that is convenient for everyone.